The Parts of Your Car That You Must Clean

Owning a car is a major responsibility, and keeping it clean isn’t just about maintaining its appearance. Regular cleaning maintains the health and longevity of your vehicle. In this blog, we explore the parts of your car that you must clean regularly to keep it running smoothly. Let’s dive in!

Shiny Wheels and Tires: A Clean Start

Commonly neglected areas during car cleaning are the wheels and tires. Dirt, brake dust, and grime accumulate on them, which can cause corrosion, damage the rubber, and weaken the tire. Cleaning your car’s wheels and tires can prolong their life and ensure a safer driving experience.

Use a dedicated rim and tire cleaner to clean them properly. Rinse the wheels with water first, spray the cleaner, then scrub with a tire brush. Rinse off the cleaner and dry with a microfiber towel to avoid water spots. Don’t forget to apply a tire dressing afterwards for lasting protection.

Carpets and Floor Mats: The Unsung Heroes

Carpets and floor mats trap a lot of dirt, debris, and moisture, which can be harmful to your car’s interior in the long run. Vacuuming and cleaning your car’s floor mats regularly prevents mold, foul odors, and premature wear.

Detach the floor mats, beat them to remove any loose dirt, then vacuum both the mats and the car’s carpets. You can use a carpet cleaner for stubborn stains. Also, don’t forget to dry the mats and carpet thoroughly to avoid dampness and mold growth.

The Air Conditioning System: Breathing Easy

Your car’s air conditioning system is a part you must clean but may forget about. Dirt and bacteria can settle in the vents and filters, causing unpleasant odors and reducing airflow. Replace the cabin air filter and clean your A/C vents regularly to maintain good air quality and performance.

Use a foaming cleaner designed for car A/C systems to clean the vents. Spray it into the vents and let it sit for the recommended time. Start the car with the AC on, allowing the foam to break down and the system to flush out the dirt.

Door Jams and Trunk Channels: Unseen but Not Neglected

Lastly, dirt and debris often accumulate in door jams and trunk channels, causing the seals to wear down prematurely and affecting the vehicle’s insulation. Regularly cleaning these areas can prevent costly repairs.

Wipe down the door jams and trunk channels using a microfiber cloth and a mild car cleaner. Don’t forget to dry them thoroughly to prevent rust and corrosion.

Cleaning these often-neglected parts of your car ensures a safer, more pleasant driving experience while prolonging the life of your vehicle. Set up a cleaning routine, and your car will thank you for your attention and care.

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