Tesla’s NACS connector will be standardized by SAE

The move to Tesla’s NACS system won’t affect the federal government’s funding of a nationwide charging network.

For federally funded EV chargers, including the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, “CCS and NACS connectors and adapters are eligible for funding. This means federal funding is available to build charging infrastructure that can service all EV drivers, regardless of their vehicle’s current or future connector type,” the Federal Highway Administration said in a statement.

SAE said developing the NACS standard will be put on a fast track and is one of several charging projects, including cybersecurity, the organization is working on to improve the performance, reliability and safety of EV charging projects.

Taken together, these efforts will contribute substantially to SAE’s commitment to secure, clean and connected transportation, accessible to everyone,” said David L. Schutt, CEO of SAE International. “We’re delighted to do our part in aligning the excellent efforts of industry with those of government entities like the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation to advance sustainable mobility on a national level.”

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