Expert Insights: The Future of Connected Vehicles and Customer Experiences

Q: What types of experiences are on the horizon that will be supported through connected or software-defined vehicles?

Macleod: As digitally fueled car sales increase, vehicles are also becoming more connected. By the end of the decade, it is estimated that connected cars — cars that can communicate and share data with a variety of systems both inside and outside the vehicle — will make up about 95% of all new vehicles sold around the world.

Layering web-based and location-based data, for example, a car will be able to alert a hungry driver that a favorite fast-food dining spot is coming up within a few miles. From the car, the driver can instantly place an order via a voice-enabled chatbot and even utilize a special coupon generated on the fly for the driver.

Jajoo: On the commercial side, vehicles will serve as platforms for advanced fleet management and telematics solutions. With route optimization, real-time planning, remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and driver performance monitoring, businesses will be able to minimize driver downtime and further optimize fleet operations.

Another common situation where connected cars will be helpful is with fender-benders. In a software-defined vehicle, camera recognition technology will confirm everyone is OK and doesn’t require medical assistance. Then, a workflow can automatically kick off — alerting the insurance carrier, proactively calling a tow truck and initiating the claims process, all automatically and in real time.

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