Auto Parts Swap ‘n Sell takes place at the Eastern States Exposition

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – New England’s largest indoor automotive swap meet featuring hundreds of vendors returning to the Eastern States Exposition this weekend.

Ben Dodge, the show coordinator of Auto Parts Swap/Sell said, “If you’re an automotive enthusiast, you’ll find that there’s something here for everybody.”

The Eastern States Exposition is filled up with car lovers of all kinds, connecting over their shared bonds. Show coordinator, Ben Dodge is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, who told 22news that year after year, this show serves as an optimal meeting place.

Ben Dodge added, “So we look to trade parts. We look to talk about new products, and older parts, special interest cars like the one you see behind me.”

This is the largest show of its kind in New England, showing a wide variety of auto parts available to swap and sell. Although online sales of automotive parts have increased, Ben says it hasn’t impacted the popularity of this show.

“I think there’s something special about the generation which I’m part of, that generation there wants to feel and touch the product. They want to take the time, too well, to talk to each other,” Ben told 22News.

An added bonus of the show is a lighter burden on your wallet.

Jennifer Gohra of Wicked Power Sports said, “So you’re going to save a lot buying from one of these specials, up to $2,000 off on some of the vehicles from just coming to the show.”

Although supply chain issues haven’t caused too much havoc on the automotive industry overall, one race-car driver told 22news it’s made the process of ordering parts slower for some.

Philip Prault from Monson said, “I’ve had a friend who was out for four weeks just waiting on one shock and that ruined his whole season for the last year.”

The swap meet was the place to be for those on the search for parts.

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